The Greater Ontario Business Council (GOBC) Bridge to Success career awareness initiative targeted to middle/high school students focuses on closing the skills gap by providing career awareness education. Along with our industry partners, we tailor and make available technological and job readiness curriculum to prepare students for skilled career pathways. Doggy Julia Gets Creamy Facial After Hardcore Session (Julia And Edu)online natalia nix newonline verification video newAmateur Lovely japanese porn models Vol 40

Greater Ontario Business Council

  1. GOBC creates Centers of Excellence in work readiness education for middle and high school students.
  2. GOBC students actively engage and build a collaborative network between education and industry in a tailored approach to train the next generation workforce while driving interest and awareness in the career path of the student’s choice.
  3. Students gain knowledge and skills using industry-relevant equipment, technologies, and curriculum in a hands-on learning environment.
  4. GOBC offers students opportunities to acquire industry credentials while preparing them with the soft skills required to be successful in today’s workplace. these skills include:
    1. Communication
    2. Work Ethic and Attitude
    3. Teamwork
    4. Networking
    5. Problem Solving
    6. Critical Thinking
    7. Professionalism

Tailored Education Model Companies influence the development of customized work readiness educational programs to meet the needs of businesses.

Direct Connectivity serves as a “translator” between the business and manufacturers, in order to create comprehensive, community-based approach to career-readiness training. This offers students job shadowing, internships, and mentoring; in addition to offering professional development required to introduce the latest business technology.

Strong Economic Impact Provides students with direct pathways to employment while providing companies with access to a qualified workforce.

Benefits to the Business & Manufacturing Sector growth within the Inland Empire region is a primary economic driver. However, the industry in the Inland Empire and throughout the U.S. has the highest reported openings of jobs that are not filled. Filling these positions will not only spark additional growth for the business & manufacturing sector, but also contribute to the tax base of the region.

ROI GOBC is funded through private industry sponsorships. We are looking for industry sponsors to partner with GOBC to bring the Bridge to Success program to our local community. Your contribution to Bridge to Success provides your company the opportunity to fulfill two key business objectives: linking your corporate citizenship goals to your workforce development needs and contributing to a 501 (c)(3).

For more information, please contact us at (909) 984-2458, or